It’s been a long cold winter but there is the promise of spring to come! What better way to celebrate than with a new workshop designed by Ritmo Flamenco called Flamenco Jam. Just like musicians get together to work out material and improvise, so should dancers on a regular basis. This workshop is for all levels and will encourage you to fulfill your inner flamenco dancer through expression of moves, rhythms, footwork and palmas. The class will also be fun and encouraging while working on all areas pertaining to flamenco. There will be some surprises with guest musicians so it will be AWESOME!!

Register in advance by sending and E Transfer in the amount of $25 to ritmoflamenco@hotmail.com
Cash is also accepted at the studio.
$30 at the Door.

WE ARE PLEASED TO BE ABLE TO OFFER SEVERAL CHOICES FOR NEW STUDENTS. Beginner Flamenco on Mondays from 6-7pm starting January 8 until Feb 20. Registration $115 for 7 weeks. WEDNESDAYS FROM 6:30-7:30 starting January 10 until Feb 28. Registration for 8 weeks is $130 THURSDAYS FROM 7:45-845PM starting January 11 until the end of March Registration for 11 wks is $180 Email ritmoflamenco@hotmail.com All classes are based on registration!

Anjelica Scannura premieres new work at Dance Weekend!

Scannura is developing her own hybrid, and she is truly a representative of Canadian dance in that respect. Her dancing and choreography expresses a country of immigrants where many styles collide together to take dance into New World territory.

Ritmo Flamenco is excited to be a part of Dance Weekend’s 25th anniversary this Friday, January 19 at 7:00pm. Temporada is a new work from award-winning choreographer Anjelica Scannura to be premiered at Dance Weekend’s 25 anniversary. Flamenco is an artform that easily encompasses a broad scope of movement possibilities and Scannura is the catalyst in this evolution of styles to convey one ideology that is purely original. Temporada evolves from deep flamenco puro expression with music composed and performed by acclaimed flamenco guitarist Roger Scannura and his ensemble of musicians. Anjelica then departs from ancient modes to conquer the intricate score of Vivaldi’s Concerto No. 2 in G Minor. Join us to see this mesmerizing premier of a new work by Anjelica Scannura at the Fleck Dance Theatre. Admission PWC#danceweekend25yrs!!