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Company Mandate and Types of Performances

“Flamenco concerts can sometimes be formulaic, but Ritmo Flamenco refuses to fall into that trap.”
“The talented dancers rivet the eye with their commitment and Valeria, as always is a compelling performer.”
“Anjelica Scannura is developing her own hybrid, and she is truly a representative of Canadian dance in that respect. Her dancing and choreography expresses a country of immigrants where many styles collide together to take dance into New World territory.”
“Roger’s music is as beautiful as it is haunting.”
Paula Citron – The Globe and Mail

The Ritmo Flamenco Dance and Music Ensemble was formed in 1995 by Valerie Scannura (Artistic Director, choreographer) and Roger Scannura (Music Director, flamenco guitarist). Their daughter, Anjelica Scannura is Co-Artistic Director and is an award-winning choreographer and dancer.

Since its inception, they have enthralled audiences in music and dance festivals worldwide. The company strives to create original concepts woven seamlessly into their productions with artists they have mentored, while continually going to the source by travelling to Spain. They have garnered a strong reputation for their authentic brand of flamenco that is bred in the bone, ensuring their presentations are marked with the Scannura’s outstanding level of excellence.

Ritmo Flamenco is always requested for unique engagements and can tailor their performances to suit the needs of clients and/or venues. We have been booked by organizations such as: the Tourist Office of Spain, the Ambassador of Spain and the Consulate of Malta and have performed in their special events in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. In 2015, we performed for “Kick up you Heels” as well as the Pan Am Games events at Harbourfront Centre. We also performed for the grand opening of St. Lawrence Market and for corporate events such as “World Strides” at the CN Tower. Ritmo Flamenco performed at popular venues and festivals such as Luminato, the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival, Harbourfront Center and various club venues and establishments in Ontario. Internationally, they have been invited to headline festivals in Mexico, California, New York and Europe and the Middle East. Over the past several years, Roger’s music has received many accolades at the wineries of Prince Edward County and the Niagara region. We have been selected for distinguished fund-raisers such as: the Toronto Western Hospital and Sick Children’s Hospital as well many numerous private functions and special events too numerous to mention.


Roger Scannura and Ritmo Flamenco Dance Company can provide the following performances:
• Intimate flamenco guitar for special events and occasions.
• Flamenco guitar and one flamenco dancer for any event.
• Authentic “tablao style” performances of flamenco guitar with 1-3 professional flamenco dancers.
• 1-3 flamenco dancers performing to recorded music.
• Flamenco performances that also involve instruction of a lively flamenco class.
• The full company of 4-6 dancers with Roger Scannura and his ensemble of musicians in concert setting.

The company is available throughout the year for performances throughout the GTA and Ontario as well as for international bookings.
Prices vary depending on what area of Toronto or the GTA the event takes place in.

For inquiries about booking Ritmo Flamenco for a performance or for more information about classes and workshops please email